“Relics and Reliquaries:" an artist preserves a small part of history

“Oil Can” is one of the works by Mary Stoppert displayed in the Fermilab Art Gallery until Mar. 15. An artist reception will take place on Friday, Jan. 25, from 5 to 7 p.m.

As the world around us becomes more and more digital, artist Mary Stoppert strives to preserve the past. With a fascination for measuring tools and devices evidenced in her studio and wood shops, she is inspired by historical objects with a patina of time and use.

Fermilab’s Art Gallery will host some of Stoppert’s newest pieces of historical art from Jan. 24 through Mar. 15 on the second-floor crossover in Wilson Hall, and an artist reception will take place on Friday, Jan. 25, at 5 p.m. The exhibit, “Relics and Reliquaries,” will feature pieces of art that capture a small part of history.

“I make containers, or reliquaries, to preserve objects that, for a variety of reasons, are or will be relics,” Stoppert said.

All of the objects in her exhibits are genuine and authentic articles, not reproductions, she said. The objects are not altered except to permit display.

“Each piece that I create is unique because I begin with an object and build around it,” Stoppert said. Having been an artist for more than 30 years, Stoppert’s recent work reflects her artistic beginnings as a sculptor, with her natural attraction to three-dimensional form.

“It’s rewarding for me to create unique and original pieces of work that are intelligent and well-crafted,” Stoppert said.

When viewing her art, she would like people to think about the object, the process of building around it and the resulting meaning, either abstract or obvious.

For further information about Mary Stoppert and her art, visit her website.