The Material Move Request

Jeffrey Irvin

Jeffrey Irvin, acting head of the Business Services Section, wrote this column.

Each year, D/S/C personnel send approximately 3,500 requests to the Business Services Section Transportation Services Department to package and process items for off-site shipment. An additional 1,200 requests are sent to the BSS Property Management Department for items that are designated for on-site storage, shipped to off-site locations or made available as excess property via the General Services Administration excess property system. To carry out these shipments, D/S/C personnel with “process knowledge” of the item being shipped should complete a Material Move Request.

The MMR was created to provide very specific regulatory information that is significant to the decisions made by BSS personnel regarding packaging and labeling, modes of transportation, and hazardous and radioactive storage. Accurate completion of the MMR is essential for Business Services personnel to make these important packaging and shipping decisions. Completing the MMR accurately minimizes the need to communicate further with the originating individuals and helps ensure that items are sent in a safe, regulatory-compliant and timely manner. Adverse consequences of not completing the MMR correctly can result in improper storage, deficient packaging, radiation exposure, chemical spills, placarding errors and regulatory penalties.

Employees who complete MMRs should contact their respective D/S/C ES&H representatives if they have questions or need additional information and assistance with completing the form.