You survived 2012! Now go make the most of 2013

Rickey "Powerhouse" Winfield and Jack "Bonecrusher" Manprasert, CCD, hop on the treadmill at the recently refurbished Fermilab Fitness Center. The new mirror was installed in response to users’ requests.

Many begin the new year with celebratory glasses of champagne, a stolen kiss from an admirer or loved one and perhaps a few final holiday cookies. In addition, the new year often means a few extra pounds around the waist line. Not to worry, however, because that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for. Fermilab has many opportunities, including a revamped gym facility, to work off that extra slice, or two, of pecan pie.

The Fermilab Fitness Center, located in the Village, now has a fresh new look with recently painted walls, new lockers in the men’s locker room and reupholstered bench covers. Moreover, due to customer request, there are now mirrors in front of the treadmills so people can watch and easily converse with each other instead of staring at a blank wall while exercising, said Jeanne Ecker, Fermilab’s wellness program specialist.

Fermilab also offers exercise classes including muscle toning, Butts & Guts, Zumba and kyuki-do martial arts for those who wish to buff up while learning some new moves in 2013. And for anyone who wants to kick off the new year by improving his or her cardiovascular endurance, Ecker will soon host, for the third time, a course focused on just that.

Called Walk 2 Run, the course lasts for 10 weeks, and over that time participants build their capacity to run long distances. By the 10th week, most participants can run consistently for 30 minutes, which is about equivalent to running 5 kilometers. The first two courses have been very successful, Ecker said, and she continues to receive e-mails from past participants who tell her about the 5K road races they now run. One participant, who took the class in the fall and continues to run, has lowered her cholesterol by 31 points.

“It’s January, and people are motivated to get healthy,” Ecker said. “Now is a perfect time to start a workout schedule, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to check out the newly refurbished gym or sign up for one of our exciting courses.”

For more information about Fermilab’s wellness program, visit its website.

Jessica Orwig