Fermilab’s Employee Advisory Group wants to hear from you

If you have a suggestion for the Employee Advisory Group, drop them a line at the EAG website.

Have an idea or suggestion about how to improve life at Fermilab? Then the Employee Advisory Group would like to hear from you.

The EAG maintains a SharePoint site where you can post comments that will be reviewed and discussed by the group. If you have previously submitted a suggestion to the EAG and you’d like to check on the status or if you’d just like to see what others have submitted, you can also the site for up-to-date information. Access the SharePoint site by visiting the EAG website and select “EAG recommendations” from the left-hand column (you will need to log in with your services account).

Since the EAG’s inception in 2009, members have been meeting monthly. The majority of discussions revolve around the development and implementation of new and revised policies aimed toward making things better for everyone at the laboratory. Discussion topics have included flexible work schedules and work-from-home policies, improving the employee orientation process and identifying ways to create and maintain a positive culture throughout the laboratory.

More than 20 EAG members represent a cross-section of the lab and they all welcome input from their Fermilab co-workers. In addition to the EAG SharePoint site, you can also provide input to the group by directly contacting an individual EAG member.