Merging ES&H and the Office of Quality and Best Practices

Fermilab’s Office of Quality and Best Practices recently moved under ES&H (Environment, Safety & Health) to form ESH&Q. Nancy Grossman, ESH&Q section head, and Jed Heyes, manager of Quality Services, provided the following information about the changes:

Why is the quality department a good fit with ES&H?
Quality and ES&H go hand in hand because all of the functions are integrated into the way we do business at Fermilab. The departments’ missions, goals and processes are all similar. For these reasons it made sense to combine the two groups and form ESH&Q. It is common to see ESH&Q functions together in the same organization within the DOE complex as well as in corporations.

Will the functions of the quality department change? If so, how?
No, the overall quality-related functions such as performing assessments, coordinating the laboratorywide consolidated assessment schedule, liaising with the DOE Fermilab Site Office, coordinating contractual self-assessments, reviewing proposed changes to the prime contract, maintaining QA program documents, managing the Suspect/Counterfeit Items program and participating in improvement teams will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

What are the benefits of the new ESH&Q organizational structure?
The departments will be more efficient by consolidating resources, processes and assessments. They will also be able to build more depth into the areas of training, communication and Human Performance Improvement implementation.

Will there be a noticeable impact for employees or users? How will things change?
The change people might notice is a higher level of integration of quality processes with ES&H processes. An example of this is the possible formation of a Quality FESHCom Subcommittee.

Have questions regarding the ESH&Q changes?
Contact Nancy Grossman, Martha Michels or Jed Heyes for more information.