MicroBooNE work platform at the Liquid-Argon Test Facility

The work platform that will provide access to the top of the MicroBooNE liquid-argon cryostat is being assembled at the Liquid-Argon Test Facility. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Whittaker Construction Company, contracted to construct the Liquid-Argon Test Facility, and their steel erection subcontractor, K&K Ironwork, have completed the installation of the framing of the work platform for the MicroBooNE experiment, the first tenant of the LArTF.

This picture shows, on the left, platforms at elevation 746 feet, which is ground level. The platform in the center of the picture is at elevation 733 feet and will provide access to the top of the MicroBooNE liquid-argon cryostat. It will also be the location of some of the experiment’s front-end electronics. Through the framework of the platform one can see the floor of the cylinder at elevation 706 feet. At that level, the MicroBooNE experiment will install the refrigeration plant that will cool the liquid argon. The platform at 733 feet is designed to be removable in two pieces to permit the installation of the cryostat tank below it, after which the platform will be re-installed. Also in progress in the interior of the picture are insulation panel installation, electrical panel box installation, electrical conduit installation, chilled-water piping installation, HVAC duct installation and fire suppression piping installation.