Shiltsev and team receive Silver Archer Award

Fermilab scientist Vladimir Shiltsev is presented with the Silver Archer Award in the science and education category. The Silver Archer Award is given annually in recognition of contributions to the development of Russian-American relations. Shiltsev was part of a five-person U.S.-Russia-Canada team that was recognized for reconstructing Mikhail Lomonosov’s discovery of Venus’ atmosphere. Shiltsev spoke at the award ceremony, which took place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In this photo, he holds an over-200-year-old telescope similar to the kind that Lomonosov used for his research. Read more about the discovery of Venus’ atmosphere in Shiltsev’s article in the February issue of Physics Today (article may be available only to subscribers and on-site readers). Photo courtesy of Vladimir Shiltsev, APC