Water flowing at CMTF

Industrial cooling water flows out of the CMTF building to the man-made “river” that returns it to Casey’s Pond. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD

The Industrial Cooling Water system was turned on for the first time at CMTF last week. The ICW comes from Casey’s Pond, located just southwest of CMTF, and provides the cooling needed to operate the seven helium compressors for the new cryogenic plant. To keep the compressors cool, a continuous flow of water in excess of 1,500 gallons per minute is required. After flowing through the compressors, the water pours out of a pipe that penetrates the south wall of CMTF into a man-made drainage ditch that returns the water back to Casey’s Pond to begin the cycle again.

Cooling water flowing at CMTF. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD