Fermilab Photography Club is worth a shot

Fermilab Photography Club member Denton Morris, AD, captures a prairie burn on Fermilab grounds. Photo: Gene Oleynik, SCD

It’s not hard capturing beauty at Fermilab, especially if you carry a camera on you at all times.

Members of the Fermilab Photography Club have created avenues to do just that, said club founder Matthew Arena.

The group, comprising 47 members subscribed to an e-mail listserv, serves as an artistic avenue for many Fermilab employees who are skilled with a zoom lens. Arena, applications development and systems analyst who started at Fermilab in 1992, started the club in 2011 when he first had the idea to get in touch with other amateur photographers employed at Fermilab.

“I really just wanted to learn from others at the lab who already knew a lot about photography,” Arena said.

The club organizes photo walks and informational workshops through an e-mail mailing list. Members have organized photography outings to Fermilab’s tallgrass prairie and sites such as CDF and the Tevatron.

“Everything is ad hoc since a lot of members have their camera on them at all times,” Arena said. “Anyone can organize an outing or photo walk.”

The club is open to all skill levels, and members don’t need to have expensive photography equipment to take part.

“Some members have DSLRs while others have point-and-shoot cameras,” Arena said. “It’s open to all people who just enjoy taking pictures.”

Marty Murphy, accelerator operations specialist and long-time photographer, joined the club in 2011 and has since organized several photography outings and instructional sessions.

“I almost always see something worth photographing at Fermilab,” Murphy said.

Those interested in joining the group can e-mail photography@fnal.gov for more information or to subscribe to the mailing list. The group also maintains a Flickr gallery as well as a second website of images.

Sarah Khan

Fermilab Photography Club member Leticia Shaddix, PPD, took this close-up of a woodland flower in Big Woods.