MicroBooNE cryostat delivered to Fermilab

This team from PPD Detector Development and Operations Experimental Installations Department unloaded the cryostat and will prepare it for detector installation. From left: Bryan Johnson, Tom Olszanowski, Mark Shoun, John Voirin, John Cornele. Photo: Diana Brandonisio

On Friday, March 8, members of the MicroBooNE collaboration assembled near the Eola Road Gate to watch the arrival of the experiment’s cryogenic vessel, which will hold 170 tons of liquid argon and the liquid-argon time projection chamber. Val Fab Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in Neenah, Wisc., manufactured the vessel.

The vessel was delivered to the DZero building, where a PPD team unloaded it from the truck and placed it on temporary supports. This week they are removing the vessel end cap and will soon install the active detectors, the TPC and photomultiplier tubes. Once the TPC installation is complete, they will replace the vessel end cap and then transport the vessel to the Liquid-Argon Test Facility located on the Booster neutrino beamline. The collaboration hopes to have the vessel installed in LArTF by the end of the year.