2013 Healthcare Reimbursement Account substantiation request

Did you receive a Healthcare Reimbursement Account substantiation request from PayFlex? On April 18, 2013, PayFlex mailed out quarterly substantiation request letters. If you signed up for e-mail notification, you likely received the letter electronically. The IRS requires PayFlex to verify that all PayFlex Card transactions are eligible expenses. PayFlex automatically verifies some eligible expenses because Fermilab communicated to PayFlex the co-pay and deductible amounts. Also, some merchants participate in an inventory information approval system that allows the merchant to automatically indicate if the expense is eligible. You may notice this information on a pharmacy receipt.

If you receive a Request for Documentation or substantiation letter from PayFlex, you must provide documentation for the transactions listed in the letter. The following are a few common scenarios in which substantiation may be required:

  • You used your card at a merchant without an inventory information approval system.
  • The amount of the expense does not match your co-pay.
  • The merchant description from the card swipe does not clarify the type of expense. This generally occurs with dental or hospital expenses.

The most efficient way to respond is via HealthHub.com. You can upload an Explanation of Benefits or itemized receipt for the transaction(s) listed on HealthHub.com or the Request for Documentation letter. To log in, use your Fermilab ID (no leading zero and no “N”) and Fermilab’s group number of 121378.

For further assistance with FSA substantiation requests, review this FSA presentation.

Remember, if you do not respond to the initial request within 28 days, a second letter will be sent out. If you do not respond to the second request letter, your PayFlex FSA debit card will be turned off.

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