A busy week

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

Last week went by like a flash with two important reviews taking place at the laboratory. The first was a one-of-a-kind review organized by Fermilab on how we manage projects—those both under way and in the planning stages—and what we can do to improve our practices in the very complex environment in which we operate. For this review, we were fortunate to have participating some outstanding folks who are very successful managers of large projects within the DOE system. They brought a wealth of experience and provided valuable advice on where we should focus, which will help us to deliver projects successfully.

The group recognized the progress we have made in transforming ourselves from a laboratory that mainly operated accelerators to one with multiple projects as required by the diversity of the Intensity Frontier we aspire to lead. More importantly we received a very important list of recommendations on the further steps we should take to move toward an excellent project management system and culture. Their report, when completed, will be required reading for all the folks involved in managing our projects at Fermilab.

The second review was with the annual FRA Physics Visiting Committee. This committee is appointed by the FRA Board of Directors to review our scientific program and to report to the FRA Board. It is part of the Board’s responsibility to ensure that we deliver optimally on the contract between the DOE and FRA. The committee gathers members from across the community to look at all aspects of our scientific program.

This year’s review was organized along the three frontiers and the roles that Fermilab plays in each. An important item of discussion was preparation for the Snowmass process, especially regarding the Intensity Frontier. The results were presented to the participants and management in a closeout presentation and will be followed by a written report, which we will discuss in detail and more broadly with our scientific staff. The chair of the review committee will present the results to the FRA Board in late April.

Director Oddone and Sandy walking the grounds of Site 29 yesterday.