Engineering group to hold seminars at Fermilab

Engineer and IECD founder Anthony Fasano gives a presentation to engineers at a conference in 2012. Photo courtesy of Powerful Purpose Associates

A professional development organization for engineers is organizing a meet-up at Fermilab on April 26. It is open to all Fermilab engineers looking to enhance their careers.

The Institute for Engineering Career Development is holding the meet-up as an addition to its first conference in Chicago, which takes place April 26 to 27 and where members will attend career development workshops and informational sessions.

The group, started last year, has about 75 members nationwide. CEO and professional engineer Anthony Fasano founded the group with the goal of promoting professional development and career-building skills for engineers regardless of their field or trade.

The Fermilab meet-up will include seminars to develop career-enhancing skills and tools such as public speaking, obtaining professional licenses and earning a graduate degree, among other topics.

“IECD focuses on developing engineers’ non-technical and leadership abilities,” Fasano said. “We’re mainly taught technical information at school and work, but you need different skill sets for transitioning to management or leadership roles.”

IECD member and Fermilab engineer Maurice Ball said the group has helped him prioritize his professional goals.

“I can work on specific aspects of my career development and create a plan for where I want to be in five or ten years,” Ball said.

Fermilab employees can join the meet-up day at no charge by registering on the IECD website. Employees interested in the Chicago conference may be eligible for a reduced fee.

Those interested in the group can go to the IECD home page for more information.

Sarah Khan