Gregorio Bernardi re-elected as DZero co-spokesperson

Gregorio Bernardi

Recently the DZero collaboration re-elected physicist Gregorio Bernardi as co-spokesperson.

Bernardi, a scientist with the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and High-Energy Physics (LPNHE) in Paris, was first elected as co-spokesperson in August 2011.

“It’s a great honor to be re-elected,” Bernardi said. “We can be proud of what we’re doing and what we’ll be doing in the next few years.”

Bernardi’s duties as co-spokesperson, serving alongside Fermilab physicist Dmitri Denisov, will include preserving the Tevatron’s legacy by continuing to analyze Run II data and helping other DZero collaborators publish research papers over the next few years.

Scientists will continue to extract all relevant information from Tevatron data over the next two years, Bernardi said. The main focus will be producing results for quantum chromodynamics, electroweak physics, top quarks and B quarks, he said.

The collaboration will also focus on further constraining Higgs boson properties using precise measurements from Run II data.

“We’d really like to squeeze every drop of information out of this data over the next two years,” Bernardi said.

The collaboration will also work to preserve data for researchers to access in the future.

Additionally, Bernardi and Denisov plan to focus on the future of fellow collaborators by helping them publish more than 60 academic research papers during the next few years.

“Gregorio has been deeply engaged in all areas of the experiment, from computing to data preservation, access and analysis,” Denisov said. “He has a breadth of understanding and strong interest in DZero."

Bernardi first joined DZero as a scientist with LPNHE in 1999. Six other French physics institutes joined the collaboration that year.

“This re-election shows that Gregorio has been doing an excellent job as a co-spokesperson,” Denisov said. “It shows that the collaboration trusts him.”

Sarah Khan