IPPOG meeting at Fermilab

Twenty-two scientists and educators met at Fermilab last week for the first meeting of the International Particle Physics Outreach Group held in the United States. Photo: Reidar Hahn

The International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) held its first meeting in the United States at Fermilab from April 4 to 6. The network of scientists, informal science educators and communication specialists working across the globe sponsors masterclasses and hosts a resources database. The membership currently includes representatives from member states of CERN as well as Ireland, Romania and the United States, five major experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, and prominent laboratories and institutions in Europe.

Each year physicists invite about 10,000 high-school students in 37 countries to come to one of about 160 universities or research centers to be physicists for a day in a masterclass institute. In this International Masterclasses series, active scientists give insight into topics and methods of basic research, enabling students to analyze ALICE, ATLAS and CMS data. Like an international research collaboration, participants from several institutes join a videoconference with scientists at CERN or Fermilab for discussion and combination of their results. This year there were 190 institutes and 49 videoconferences—37 at CERN and 12 at Fermilab.

The online IPPOG resources database contains tools and resources to bring the excitement of particle physics to students and the public. Categories include activities, programs and events, media, professional development and coaching, and exhibits.

Marge Bardeen