Next steps in director search

Norm Augustine

The members of the Fermilab Director Search Committee have continued to be very busy, particularly over the last two months. At the time of my last update to the lab community in early February, we had narrowed the list of suggested names to about one dozen individuals whose candidacy we intended to pursue. In February we began contacting the individuals to further evaluate their credentials and determine their interest. After extensive committee discussions, we moved forward to perform a series of in-person interviews with qualified candidates.

On the basis of those interviews, references and discussions, we are now preparing our final report to be submitted to the FRA Board of Directors on May 1. As outlined in the charge to our committee, our report will include an unranked list of at least three candidates we deem most qualified for the position and the rationales for our findings.

On behalf of the full committee, I would once again like to send my thanks to the countless scientists and Fermilab staff members who have provided input and references and participated in open and honest discussion throughout the search process.

Norm Augustine, Chair,
Fermilab Director Search Committee