Return of the ospreys

About two weeks ago, a pair of ospreys returned to their Fermilab home near the Main Injector for the warmer months. Photo: Greg Vogel, AD
One of the pair holds its catch in its talon. Photo: Rich Bergquist, FESS
The pair are about to enjoy a meal at their nest atop their utility pole by the Main Injector. Photo: Ed Dijak, PPD
Another pair of ospreys flies over the lab grounds. This pair lives in a nesting platform above Nepese Marsh. The platform was built by Dave Shemanske, Roads and Grounds, and Tom Eggleston, BSS, in late 2011. Fermilab Natural Areas and the Roads and Grounds Department sponsored the platform’s installation, performed by Thorne Electric of Carol Stream, Ill. The osprey pair adopted the nest as their home last fall. Photo: Marty Murphy, AD