Site master planning helps to prepare for Fermilab’s future

Randy Ortgiesen

Randy Ortgiesen, head of the Facilities Engineering Services Section, wrote this column.

I am pleased to announce that the laboratory has for the first time appointed a campus architect for the Fermilab site. This role is perhaps better known across the country on large university campuses, but it is just as important on our 6,800-acre Fermilab campus as we continue preparations for the future. Gary Van Zandbergen, an architect in the Facilities Engineering Services Section, received and accepted this appointment on March 20.

As the laboratory is currently planning and engineering for multiple projects, it is an important time to preserve our architectural heritage—yet it is equally important to capitalize on the opportunity to help define the future. Gary understands this heritage and has essentially been performing in this capacity for the last few years. Now the function has been recognized at the laboratory.

With this assignment comes the responsibility to develop a deliberate strategy for continuity of architecture. Gary will also be communicating the architectural vision, leading efforts in development of a site master plan and ensuring that building designs meet aesthetic as well as functional and scientific goals.

With the support of many others across the site, Gary will develop the site master plan not only to identify the major scientific projects being planned for Fermilab as we move from the Energy Frontier into the Intensity Frontier, but also to address issues of modernization, consolidation and centralization, and the character and identity of the site.