Snowmass Young survey for high-energy physicists online

The Snowmass Young survey is far more exciting than this.

The Snowmass Young Physicists’ survey for past, current and future participants in the field high-energy physics is now online. Survey results will be presented at the upcoming Snowmass conference this summer.

The Snowmass Young survey is intended for anyone who is currently in high-energy physics or who has worked in HEP at one time in his or her career. It is also for young scientists in training who are considering going into HEP. Undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, staff scientists, faculty and researchers are encouraged to take the survey. Those who trained in high-energy physics and then decided to work outside HEP are especially encouraged to take it.

The brief survey should take 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Snowmass Young Physicists’ goal is to hear from 1,500 respondents from the various frontiers of particle physics as defined in the Snowmass process as well as from those who are currently outside HEP.

Take the survey and learn more about the Snowmass Young Physicists Movement.