Administrators to complete certification course this week

These individuals are candidates for administrative professional certification. Bottom row, from left: Julie Wiley, Susan Quarto, Odarka Jurkiw, Elena Farago-Trofimuk. Top row, from left: Helen Szuba, Kathleen Venn Bowers, Jennifer Thorson, Sylvia Gonzalez

A group of administrative professionals from across the laboratory, pictured above, began an employee-led, 16-week course titled Power Boosting Skills for Administrative Professionals. The cohort is scheduled to complete the certification exam on May 4, earning 15 college-level credits with a passing score.

These individuals are candidates for organizational management certification. From left: Kathleen Venn Bowers, Karen Seifrid, Rosa Foote (course leader), Odarka Jurkiw, Anita Menz-Cwiklik

Four Fermilab employees have taken additional coursework for certified administrative professionals. They will take the organizational management portion of the CAP exam on May 4.