Digging in the dirt for LBNE

Workers begin exploring potential areas that could provide soil for an embankment to be constructed for LBNE. Photo: Tim Wyman, FESS

Last week, contractor Raimonde began drilling through rock and soil near Main Injector Road and Pond F as part of the geotechnical exploration program for LBNE. Raimonde will drill a total of 38 separate borings. Some borings will be drilled along roughly 1,800 feet of the proposed LBNE proton-to-neutrino beamline, and others will be drilled in the vicinity of the beamline site to explore potential “borrow” areas, which will provide soil for the large embankment to be constructed for the project. The deepest holes will penetrate into the ground to as much as 160 feet, which is about 90 feet into bedrock.

The exploration program will provide geotechnical information needed to proceed with design of conventional facilities for the LBNE neutrino beamline.