Director search update

Norm Augustine

On behalf of the Fermilab Director Search Committee, I want to begin this final update by thanking the many Fermilab staff members and scientists from across the country and around the world who aided our work. Your thoughtful input, advice and guidance have been invaluable as we identified candidates for the laboratory’s next director.

Our committee’s unanimous final report was submitted May 1, on schedule, to Robert Zimmer, chairman of the Fermi Research Alliance Board of Directors and president of the University of Chicago. As required in our charge, the report contained an unranked list of at least three candidates to lead the laboratory, the rationale for our choices, and a summary of the process we followed to arrive at our conclusions.

President Zimmer will review our report and make a recommendation for the next director of Fermilab. Approval of his recommendation will be sought from the two FRA member organizations, the University of Chicago and Universities Research Association, and from the FRA Board of Directors. Lastly, concurrence with the final recommendation will be sought from the U.S. Department of Energy. When the process is completed, an announcement will be made.

I appreciate the significant effort my colleagues on the Director Search Committee devoted to carrying out our important responsibility. Our committee represented a diverse range of scientific interests, geographic locations and viewpoints, and I could not have asked for a finer group with which to work. I join the rest of you in looking forward to the announcement of a new Fermilab director and hope you will join with us in supporting that individual to the greatest possible extent.

Norm Augustine is the chair of the Fermilab Director Search Committee.