Fermilab offers benefits for new parents and parents-to-be

Fermilab’s WDRS wants to make the transition both to parenthood and back to work as easy as possible.

Being a new or an expectant parent can be stressful. That’s why Fermilab offers a number of benefits and resources designed for new parents or parents-to-be.

The Maternity Closet, located in the Daycare Center in the Village, offers a selection of gently used maternity clothes, which are available to all employees or users and their partners. So dressing comfortably and fashionably—both at work and at home—is possible without spending too much money. If you have maternity clothing to donate, The Maternity Closet gladly accepts clothing contributions. Please call Daycare at x3762 if you would like to donate clothing. WDRS thanks you in advance for helping fellow working parents.

The Nursing Mother’s Room, located in Wilson Hall on the 9th floor, provides a comfortable, clean and quiet environment with full privacy—a helpful benefit for new Fermilab moms. Contact Kathleen Venn Bowers for information on how to reserve the room.

For more information on benefits for new or expecting parents, stop by the Benefits Department on Wilson Hall’s 15th floor to pick up a copy of the new parent guide. You can also view an electronic version. And, as always, your HR generalist is available to answer your questions and be your first point of contact for all HR-related needs.