Four Chicago-area artists showcase drawings at Fermilab Art Gallery

Steve Carrelli’s drawing "Away and Back" is on display in the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Chicago artist Steven Carrelli uses art to explore the relationships between people and the space around them. His still-life drawings seem ordinary at first but reveal different perspectives upon closer inspection.

“The longer you look at it, the stranger the space becomes,” Carrelli said.

Carrelli is one of four artists whose pencil-drawn pieces are featured at Fermilab’s second-floor art gallery in a show titled “Foundations of Drawing.”

Most works on display are in what some may consider the simplest of media: pencil and paper. But the artists’ interpretations of various still-life scenes and landscapes can be complex, said coordinator Georgia Schwender.

“I wanted to showcase drawings and the many ways they can be interpreted,” Schwender said. “Some have very straightforward meanings, while others have a less literal translation.”

Schwender chose to highlight the drawing skills of local and Chicago-based artists in the exhibition.

Among the works shown are highly detailed cityscapes by artist Todd Serrano and decorative drawings by artist Lelde Kalmite that walk the line between fantasy and reality. Ceramics with intricate drawings by artist Laurie Shaman are also featured.

Carrelli, who has been an artist for around 20 years. He has shown work in galleries around the United States and said he is excited to show at Fermilab for the first time.

“I was delighted to find that art has been a part of Fermilab for a very long time,” he said. “It’s definitely a unique program.”

A reception will be held in the gallery on Friday, May 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. and is open to employees and the public. The work will be on display until July 8.

Sarah Khan