Partnership with the LPC

Patricia McBride

Patricia McBride, head of the CMS Center, wrote this column.

The CMS Center at Fermilab hosts the LHC Physics Center (LPC) in partnership with the U.S. CMS Operations Program. The LPC is led by Meenakshi Narain of Brown University and Rick Cavanaugh of Fermilab and UIC and Boaz Klima from Fermilab. Professor Narain replaced Purdue University’s Ian Shipsey when he stepped down to become the chair of the CMS Collaboration Board.

The Fermilab LPC is a regional center for the CMS experiment and serves as a resource for CMS scientists from the United States and around the world. The LPC provides CMS scientists with the tools they need to advance their research, enhancing their contributions to the experiment. LPC activities include physics working groups, training programs, informal discussion sessions and workshops. Many of these discussions and seminars are open to members of the Fermilab community and are enhanced by a close connection to the Fermilab Theory Group.

In 2012 more than 370 users visited the LPC to participate in CMS activities and training. One of the major events of the year is the CMS Data Analysis School, held at Fermilab each January. The hands-on tutorials developed for CMS by members of the LPC as part of the school have been extremely popular and have been copied by CMS collaborators around the world.

The LPC has a strong Guest and Visitor program, which provides support for short- and long-term visitors. This summer a number of students and faculty will visit the laboratory to work with members of the LPC community on physics analysis and upgrade activities.

The highly competitive CMS LPC Fellows program has provided support for a group of talented CMS scientists each year since 2011. The 22 LPC Fellows for 2013 have contributed expertise in CMS physics analysis and in CMS upgrade projects. Many of the current fellows were at Fermilab last week for the visit of Dr. Abid Patwa from the DOE Office of High-Energy Physics to the LPC. Dr. Patwa heard physics presentations from a number of the fellows, students and postdocs who make up the LPC community.

As a hub for the approximately 700 physicists working on CMS in the United States, the LPC is an invaluable resource. By bolstering scientists’ capabilities for research, it provides them with new and better ways to draw new and ever more intriguing physics from the detector. It is an asset not only to the CMS collaboration, but also to U.S. the particle physics community.