Accelerator update, June 7, 2013

Editor’s note: As Fermilab is getting closer to finishing substantial upgrades to its accelerator complex, Fermilab Today will post updates on the work going on in the accelerator tunnels. The Accelerator Division aims to send first beam through the Main Injector later this month, and the commissioning of the revamped Recycler storage ring is scheduled to begin in July.

Vacuum technicians use heating blankets and vacuum pumps to remove moisture from beam pipes in the Main Injector tunnel. Photo: Denton Morris, AD

Interlock personnel completed Booster and Main Injector safety system tests. Safety personnel recored the locks to the Main Injector, and then operators searched and secured the Main Injector. Safety personnel will make the area ready for access so that workers can continue shutdown work when no beam is in the machine. Operators searched and secured the NML area.

Vacuum work
Vacuum technicians certified the vacuum for the 8-GeV beam transfer line from the Booster to the Main Injector as well as transfer lines for MiniBooNE, MI injection and Recycler injection. Vacuum technicians also completed Recycler bakes, which remove moisture from the beam pipes and hence reduce the number of particles that might interfere with the beam. They also completed the MI-52 Lambertson vacuum leak check.

Cooling systems
Water group personnel completed their work on the MI-10 low-conductivity water system. LCW is water that has been deionized so it is less likely to conduct electricity. Operators started running all 60-horsepower pumps. The group also finished the maintenance on the MI-65 evaporator system. FESS personnel replaced the 40-horsepower pond water pump, motor and head of the MI-20 (see photo by Denton Morris, AD) water sprayer.

At the Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator in the NML building, Alignment personnel completed checks on the coupler, gate valve, radio-frequency gun and cavity. Alignment personnel also completed the grade measurements for the sinkhole repair at MI-31 and MI-39. (See Photos of the Day in the right column.)

Main Injector
During the weekend of May 31 to June 3, operators and Main Injector personnel cleared all ground faults from the Main Injector’s magnet and power supply buses, which supply electricity for those systems. They completed a low-pot and a high-pot of the buses and successfully provided power for the equipment.

Mechanical technicians sealed the mechanical room penetration.

Fixed-target area
Instrumentation technicians mapped the switchyard button-style beam position monitors. Pipe welders prepped the G2 pipe for the beamline to the SeaQuest experiment. Other technicians ran a cable through the berm pipe.

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