COO Jack Anderson receives leadership award from Energy Facilities Contractors Group

Last week Fermilab Chief Operating Officer Jack Anderson received a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Energy Facilities Contractors Group. From left: Juan Alvarez, EFCOG vice chair; Pat Smith, EFCOG vice chair elect; Jack Anderson. Photo: Christine Frei, Longenecker & Associates

Last week the Energy Facilities Contractors Group bestowed Fermilab Chief Operating Officer Jack Anderson with a Distinguished Leadership Award. The award recognizes his outstanding leadership, devoted service and accomplishments as chair of the EFCOG Contractor Assurance Working Group.

EFCOG also recently announced election results for its Board of Directors. Anderson was elected to a three-year term.

The Energy Facility Contractors Group is a self-directed group of contractors of U.S. Department of Energy facilities. The purpose of the EFCOG is to promote excellence in all aspects of operation and management of DOE facilities in a safe, environmentally sound, secure, efficient and cost-effective manner through the ongoing exchange of information and corresponding improvement initiatives.