DZero collaboration meeting reviews Tevatron legacy

This week the DZero collaboration is holding a workshop on the plains of DeKalb, Ill., as it plans its final campaign to review the legacy of the Tevatron. This is the 30th year that DZero has held its regular week-long workshops. With the unique Tevatron proton-antiproton data set, fully developed particle identification and well-established computing in hand, the experiment analysis teams are in position to address the most important topics of particle physics. At the workshop, scientists are discussing plans for the publication of more than 50 legacy results from the full Tevatron data set, including precision measurements of such fundamental Standard Model parameters as masses of the top quark and W boson and result combinations with the CDF and LHC experiments. Learn more about this week’s workshop.

Large particle collider experiments tackle a panoply of distinct physics questions, each of which requires inputs from many algorithm and calibration tools. Weaving these disparate threads into a coherent tapestry requires a huge effort. The DZero collaboration has used these week-long collaboration-wide workshops to step back and view the overall effort and provide comprehensive guidance.