Weather delays move of Muon g-2 ring by one week

The move of the Muon g-2 ring from Brookhaven Laboratory to Fermilab begins Saturday, June 22.

Because of inclement weather on the east coast, the move of the 50-foot-wide Muon g-2 electromagnet has been delayed by one week. The current plan would see the ring move across the Brookhaven National Laboratory site on Saturday, June 22, and down the William Floyd Parkway to the Smith Point Marina the night of Sunday, June 23, and into the morning of Monday, June 24.

Project leaders are concerned about the safety of workers who could be caught in heavy storms predicted for today in New York. The team has a few days of prep work to finish loading the electromagnet onto the truck, work that will be delayed by the wind and rain. The storms are not expected to damage the magnet.

Once the magnet is secured to the barge, it will begin its four-to-six-week journey to Illinois, rounding the tip of Florida and taking a series of rivers north. When it arrives, the ring will be loaded onto the truck again and driven to Fermilab over three consecutive nights. It will eventually be housed in a new building under construction near Wilson Hall.