Accelerator update, July 11, 2013

This section of the Main Injector tunnel shows a portion of the Recycler beam pipe on top, low-conductivity water pipes in the middle and a Main Injector Lambertson magnet and beam pipes at the bottom. Photo: Denton Morris, AD

Operators continue to run Linac and Booster beam every weekend. NuMI is ready for beam.

Main Injector:
The Main Injector RF system ran at 70 percent power for one week.

Instrumentation personnel installed the Main Injector-20 microwave detectors at areas 201 and 202.

Vacuum technicians completed all the vacuum installation work for the Accelerator and NuMI Upgrade.

Vacuum technicians completed the Recycler vacuum installation and installed the Injection Lambertson beam box, both in the Recycler-30 straight area.

Bake of MI-30 Lambertson magnet to improve vacuum.

Fixed-target Area:
Instrumentation personnel cleaned and assembled the Transfer Hall beam position monitor.

Technicians installed a beam Cherenkov in the NM3 enclosure.

Riggers installed additional shielding at the NM4 enclosure (SeaQuest experiment).

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Riggers installed additional shielding at the NM4 enclosure. Photo: Mike Geelhoed, AD