Accelerator update, July 19, 2013

Operators continued to clear ground faults, run power supplies and conduct vacuum checks to prepare the Main Injector for proton beam. Linac and Booster had beam over the weekend.

Highlights of completed Main Injector and Accelerator and NuMI Upgrade work.
Removed from the Main Injector all of the antiproton equipment, which came to around 1,800 feet of beamline components.

Pulled more than 1.3 million feet of cable to support the new transfer lines and instrumentation upgrades.

Installed new transfer lines: a new injection line into the Recycler and a new transfer line out of the Recycler ring into the Main Injector.

Moved approximately 590 tons of material, including shielding walls, magnets and stands.

Reused about 70 percent of the instrumentation, roughly 30 percent of the vacuum components and about 85 percent of the magnets.

Installed in the Recycler a new 53-MHz RF cavity system, including two new RF cavities, with a placeholder for the third. Relocated and repurposed the three existing Recycler wideband RF cavities into a damper system.

Worked the Recycler abort system to allow full-turn proton aborts along with gap clearing.

Reworked the Recycler RR30 straight, which involved removing 45 quadrupoles and removing and reworking approximately 900 feet of beam pipe.

Prepped a new insert for the 2.5-MHz RF cavity system for installation in the Recycler 305-306 region.

Relocated sensitive equipment from the MI/RR 30 straight section.

Installed two new 53-MHz cavities in the Main Injector.

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