Accelerator update, June 28, 2013

A close-up view of proton source B, which experts tested last week. Photo: Dan Bollinger, AD

Proton Source:
Experts successfully switched the proton source in the new RFQ pre-accelerator from source A to source B. The change took one hour and six minutes, which included replacing a turbo vacuum pump and conducting a leak check. They tested running the turbo pumps during the change, which allowed the source to continue operating. Experts believe that future changes will take only a few minutes.

RF personnel installed a new RF cavity in the Booster and experts established beam through the cavity. During the past year, experts have revamped the Booster accelerator to prepare it for delivering more beam to Intensity Frontier experiments.

Main Injector:
Over the weekend of June 22, safety personnel changed the lock cores for the Main Injector gates and doors; Operations personnel searched and secured the MI and turned on its power supplies. Power supply personnel conducted MI and NuMI power supply tests. MI experts established a prolonged 120-GeV ramp. When in operation, the MI will accelerate protons from 8 GeV to 120 GeV.

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