Basement walls for MC-1 Building Experimental Hall

Workers have finished pouring the MC-1 Building Experimental Hall concrete floor slab and have started constructing the concrete walls. Photo: Cindy Arnold

With the MC-1 Building Experimental Hall basement floor complete, workers from Whittaker Construction & Excavating Inc. are now pouring the 2-foot-thick concrete basement walls. Ultimately the walls will rise a total of 29 feet from the basement slab, which is 18 feet above ground, to provide radiation shielding to personnel outside the building when the Muon g-2 experiment is operating. The walls will be completed in 16 separate pours, with a pour planned every other day until complete.

The tallest part of the building in this latest rendering of the MC-1 Building is the Experimental Hall, currently under construction. Adjacent to the experimental hall is a two-story service area and a one-story refrigeration room to house cryogenic equipment for the Muon g-2 and future Mu2e experiments. Image: Andrew Federowicz, FESS