MI-30 straight section: Tevatron and NOvA eras

This photographic comparison of the MI-30 straight section shows how it looks today and and how it looked in 2008. In 2008, the laboratory used electron cooling to cool the antiprotons in the Recycler. This system was vital to the success of the last collider run. Since the lab is no longer making antiprotons, there was no need to maintain the electron cooling system, so it was removed, and the Recycler-to-Main Injector transfer line was installed in its place. In the NOvA era, the Recycler will be used to receive and store protons for about three quarters of a second for the purpose of slip-stacking and transferring into the Main Injector. This arrangement is what will allow the Main Injector complex to eventually deliver 700 kilowatts of beam power to the NuMI target for NOvA operation. Photos: Marty Murphy, AD