Muon g-2 magnet ring move and celebration today

The Muon g-2 ring will take the above-marked path across Fermilab today. Also marked are today’s restricted parking areas. Viewing areas will be set up in front of Wilson Hall. Carpooling is encouraged for people coming to Wilson Hall.

Fermilab will celebrate the arrival of the Muon g-2 magnet ring today at 5:30 p.m. at Wilson Hall. Fermilab employees, users, their families and our neighbors are invited to watch as Emmert International transports the magnet across Fermilab grounds.

The magnet is expected to pass near Wilson Hall at 6:30 p.m, and viewing areas will be set up in front of the building. A group photo with the ring and all people present will be taken around 7 p.m.

Rain and thunderstorms are forecasted for this evening. Regardless of weather conditions, the indoor portion of the event will go on, beginning at 5:30. This will include hands-on science activities in Wilson Hall and the opportunity to ask scientists questions about the Muon g-2 experiment. The ring will move rain or shine and will be delayed only in the event of lightning. Bring rain gear, and check the Big Move Web page for updates. We will post updates on the Fermilab Today Twitter account.

The above map details both the route of the magnet ring and parking availability throughout the site today. Because of the magnet transport, certain parking areas will be blocked off all day, and others will be closed starting at 4 p.m. Please make note of these areas and plan accordingly. Those coming on site to see the move are encouraged to carpool.