Accelerator update, Aug. 11, 2013

Operators and experts operated the Linac accelerator, and contractors installed a roof hatch for moving a new transformer into the Linac enclosure at a later date.

Operators and experts operated the Booster accelerator and moved magnets for orbit. The studies after the moves confirm successful moves.

Main Injector and NuMI
Operators and experts operated the accelerator and successfully sent low-intensity beam to the NuMI beamline hadron monitor. In order to increase intensity to NuMI, the poor vacuum in the MI-30 region needs to be improved. Since the tunnel had some cool-off time, it was decided to repair the vacuum in this region before running more beam. Investigations continue to locate the cause of vacuum problems in the MI-30 section. The Accelerator Division expects to provide beam for NuMI horn scans in the near future.

The Mechanical Support and Electrical Engineering Support departments installed and aligned a Lambertson magnet replacement.

Kautz Road Substation
FESS worked with contractors and installed surge arrestors at the Kautz Road Substation.

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