Keeping quality assurance simple: a new lessons learned program at Fermilab

ESH&Q is currently revising the Fermilab Integrated Quality Assurance program.

Here at Fermilab we believe that safety and quality go hand in hand, and we work hard to integrate both into our everyday activities.

“Just as with safety, quality assurance is also everyone’s responsibility,” says recently hired Quality Assurance Specialist Kathy Zappia. “We should think about quality assurance as we plan and perform our daily activities, not just when an audit or assessment is coming up.”

Kathy, who will also be chairing the new ESH&Q Quality Assurance Subcommittee, is now in the final draft stages of revising the Integrated Quality Assurance program and is “looking forward to meeting and working with everyone to sustain and improve an already vibrant quality assurance culture here at Fermilab.”

To improve the IQA program even further, we are developing a new FESHM chapter series featuring quality assurance. The newest chapter, FESHM Chapter 12010: Contractor Assurance/ Lessons Learned Program And Procedures, incorporates the former Office of Quality and Best Practices procedure #3903 into FESHM. This is the first quality assurance chapter in a series, bringing all quality assurance activities under the ESH&Q Section.

FESHM 12010 simplifies the lessons learned program under the DOE standard while preserving its spirit and intent. Many of the appendices and guidance sections were removed to simplify the chapter.

Sharing lessons learned makes the workplace more productive and safer for all. To view existing lessons learned, contact your supervisor, senior safety officer or quality assurance representative.

Stay tuned as more quality assurance chapters are updated and added to the FESHM, and remember quality is everyone’s responsibility.

J.B. Dawson