Phase I of MicroBooNE installation at LArTF continues

Half of the Intermediate Platform was re-installed to assist the installation of the cryogenic vent lines. The Phase 1 refrigeration plant is seen below the platform. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Phase 1 installation of the MicroBooNE experiment at the Liquid Argon Test Facility has made very good progress over the summer. The installation of the refrigeration plant for Phase 1 is nearing completion, and vacuum pump-down for leak testing of the refrigeration plant piping is expected to begin in early September.

The cryogenic vent lines have been installed, a process that required the temporary re-installation of one half of the intermediate work platform. The vent lines reach from the lower level over 50 feet almost to the roof of the LArTF. When all the cryogenic lines have been completely installed, the intermediate platform half-section will again be removed to permit the installation of the large MicroBooNE cryostat.

The MicroBooNE Phase 1 refrigeration plant installation is nearing completion. Photo: Cindy Arnold