Accelerator update, Sept. 16

Linac and Booster
AD personnel operated the Linac and Booster accelerators, tuned the machines and conducted machine studies.

Main Injector/NuMI
During the week of Sept. 9, the Main Injector provided 130 hours of proton beam to the NuMI target for the production of neutrinos for MINERvA, MINOS and NOvA. Accelerator experts conducted NuMI target scans and tuned the machine to increase the beam intensity in the Main Injector. The machine operated with a beam power of about 200 kilowatts and delivered an integrated intensity of 4.70 x 1018.

On Friday, Sept. 13, AD personnel injected the first proton beam from the Booster into the reconfigured Recycler storage ring and succeeded in circulating the beam around the Recycler for about 30 turns.

Fixed-target area: Test Beam Facility
On Sunday evening, Sept. 15, AD personnel sent the first post-shutdown proton beam from the Main Injector to the Fermilab Test Beam Facility. Experiment T-1038 took data.

Fixed-target area: SeaQuest
Welders worked on flanges of the Neutrino Muon beamline berm pipe, which delivers beam to the SeaQuest experiment. Alignment personnel are mapping the berm pipe. First post-shutdown beam to SeaQuest is expected in October.

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