Beam sent to Fermilab Test Beam Facility

Since 2005, the Fermilab Test Beam Facility, with its distinctive blue, corrugated-steel roof, has staged more than 40 experiments, conducted by more than 500 collaborators from 23 countries. Photo: Fred Ullrich

On Sunday evening, Sept. 15, beamline experts sent the first post-shutdown proton beam to the Fermilab Test Beam Facility. Last week experimenters had installed at the FTBF the test experiment T-1038, which comprises particle detector components to be installed in the PHENIX experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Four more test experiments will be installed at the FTBF this week. The facility is booked solid through July 2014, and FTBF coordinator Aria Soha has already received requests for the installation of test experiments in 2015. Whether experimenters need a few pions, muons or lots of protons, the FTBF can deliver. It is the only high-energy hadron test beam in the United States and serves as a proving ground for particle detector designs being developed for experiments at accelerator laboratories in the United States, Europe, Japan and throughout the world.