Fermilab ESH&Q communication programs

ESH&Q uses a number of channels to communicate its messages to Fermilab employees.

To communicate environment, safety, health and quality assurance issues, the ESH&Q section works in collaboration with the Fermilab Office of Communication, site entry safety slogan team, Take Five for Goal Zero team and Clorica Management Services. Together we have created programs that, through the publication of articles, posters, quizzes and challenges, Web pages, and slogans, are intended to educate, inform and remind everyone of environment, safety and health hazards; incidents and lessons learned; and preventive actions.

The myriad ways we communicate include the Porcelain Press, the ESH&Q Tip of the Week in Fermilab Today and site entry safety slogan signs.

  • The Porcelain Press, a monthly notice posted in the laboratory’s restrooms, can be accessed from the ESH&Q homepage under the Recent Updates section on the right-hand side of the page.
  • The ESH&Q Tip of the Week appears every Monday in Fermilab Today and covers cybersecurity, ecology and environment, health, quality assurance and safety. The archive can be accessed from the Fermilab Today homepage under Archives in the left column.
  • The site entry safety slogan signs are pithy reminders for anyone coming on site to stay safe. You can view past safety signs here.

ESH&Q program topics are chosen from various inputs such as national and local observances, DOE and OSHA standards, the National Safety Council, the National Fire Prevention Association and the National Wellness Institute Inc. We also take into consideration environmental and seasonal conditions, safety and health concerns, and potential incidents that can occur at both work and home.

Everyone is responsible for safety and quality, and you can participate by submitting your questions, ideas and suggestions for any of the above mentioned programs through the Take Five for Goal Zero Web page under the link “Submit a Question.” For more information contact the ESH&Q Communications Coordinator at x4830 or email jbdawson@fnal.gov.

J.B. Dawson