New Intensity Frontier seminar series begins Sept. 26

A new seminar series on Fermilab’s Intensity Frontier program begins next week.

Fermilab’s Intensity Frontier Department will launch a regular seminar series starting Sept. 26. The new series kicks off with a talk from Fermilab scientist Tingjun Yang titled “Liquid-Argon Time Projection Chambers.” The seminars will be held on select Thursdays from 11 a.m. to noon in the Hornet’s Nest, Wilson Hall, 8th floor.

The Intensity Frontier experiment talks will cover a broad array of topics, including neutrinos, lepton flavor conservation, electric dipole moments and others. The aim of these talks is to facilitate communication between the scientists, staff and users working on Fermilab’s more than 15 different Intensity Frontier experiments and projects. The talks also provide an opportunity for experts in other fields to both learn from and provide input into the exciting work happening at the Intensity Frontier.

Seven resident and guest speakers are scheduled through the end of 2013. (The Intensity Frontier talks will take place during the off weeks of the Allure of Ultrasensitive Experiments series.) The speakers include world leaders in neutrino, proton decay and lepton conversion measurements and two of the recent Intensity Frontier Fellowship Award winners.

Details are available the Intensity Frontier Seminar Series Web page. Please fell free to contact the organizers with any requests or comments.

We hope you can find time in your busy schedule to join us.

Minerba Betancourt and Mathew Muether, seminar series organizers