Optical system installed in MicroBooNE detector

MicroBooNE’s optical system, which captures and measures light resulting from particle interactions, was recently installed in the experiment’s detector. Photo: Matt Toups, MIT

Members of the MicroBooNE experiment recently installed an optical system in the experiment’s cryogenic vessel, currently located at DAB. When complete, the MicroBooNE cryogenic vessel will be filled with liquid argon.

When a neutrino — known for its unstoppability even as it passes through the densest substance — interacts with the liquid argon, the interaction will give birth to more particles, whose interactions in turn will produce light. The optical system will capture and measure this light, giving information about the timing of the neutrino interaction, as well as its position and energy.

Pictured here are the optical system’s photomultiplier tubes, which will amplify the light signals for electronic readout in the liquid argon.