Retaining walls for MC-1 Building

Workers have finished pouring the MC-1 Building basement walls and have started constructing the retaining walls, which will extend 18 feet above the ground. Photo: Cindy Arnold

With the MC-1 Building basement installed, workers from Whittaker Construction and Excavating Inc. are now pouring the 2-foot-thick above-ground walls that will act as earth-retaining walls for the future Muon Campus beamline enclosure berms. Concrete foundations and walls are scheduled to be complete by October, followed by the erection of structural steel columns, beams and trusses.

In January, engineers and technicians from the Accelerator Division’s Cryogenic Department will be the first occupants of the building and will install equipment in support of the Muon g-2 and Mu2e experiments. In February, engineers and technicians from the Muon g-2 experiment will ready the basement for the installation of the Muon g-2 storage ring, which arrived at Fermilab in July and is currently stored near the Meson Detector Building. The MC-1 Building will be completed in April.