Fermilab Arts Series presents Quebec trio De Temps Antan – Saturday, Oct. 5

De Temps Antan perform traditional melodies with a contemporary twist on Saturday in Ramsey Auditorium.

It takes a special blend of musical flair to create memorable songs of yesteryear, pieces with a hint of contemporary that still speak to familiar rhythms of the past. Welcome to the original musical stylings of De Temps Antan.

All the way from Quebec, the trio De Temps Antan performs as part of the Fermilab Arts Series on Saturday, Oct. 5, at 8 p.m. in Ramsey Auditorium.

Since 2003, Eric Beaudry, Andre Brunet and Pierre-Luc Dupuis have been exploring and performing time-honored melodies from Quebec’s musical past. Using fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and a number of other instruments, the three virtuosos blend boundless energy with the unmistakable joie de vivre found only in traditional Quebec music.

The group’s percussive footwork keeps a lively beat throughout the songs and instrumentals, and the folk harmonies and textures will keep the audience engaged all the way to curtain call.

Tickets are $22, $11 for those ages 18 and under. The Fermilab Box Office is relocating this week, so the best way to purchase tickets is online or by calling 630-840-2787. Chez Leon will also be open Saturday evening at 6 p.m. To make dinner reservations, call 630-840-3524.