Phase I of MicroBooNE installation at LArTF is almost complete

Exterior piping and control valve installation for Phase I of the MicroBooNE cryogenic system is essentially complete. Vacuum pumping and leak checking is under way. The liquid-argon dewar is on the right; the liquid-nitrogen dewar is on the left. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Phase I installation of the cryogenic system for the MicroBooNE experiment at the Liquid-Argon Test Facility is essentially complete.

Vacuum pump-down for leak testing of the refrigeration plant piping has been under way for several weeks and should be completed soon. The Phase I MicroBooNE small test cryostat will be installed where the taped hexagon is marked on the floor (bottom picture). Delivery of the test cryostat is expected by the end of October. Operation of the Phase I refrigeration plant will begin after inspections are performed and approvals given for the operation of both the refrigeration plant and the LArTF building oxygen deficiency hazard safety system.

High-voltage testing of samples of various components of MicroBooNE will be conducted inside the small test cryostat. The information gained from the high-voltage performance of the components tested in liquid argon will determine if the large MicroBooNE cryostat may be welded closed and brought to LArTF for installation.

The MicroBooNE Phase I refrigeration plant piping in the LArTF loading dock area is being leak-checked. The MicroBooNE small test cryostat will be installed where the hexagon is marked by tape on the floor. Photo: Cindy Arnold