PXIE ion source moved into place at CMTF cave

The PXIE ion source is now installed in the cave at CMTF. The ion source is the silver box sitting on the aluminum frame in the center of the picture. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD

The ion source for PXIE was recently installed in the test cave located in the CMTF building. PXIE is an R&D program in which a test accelerator will replicate the front-end portion of a future high-intensity proton accelerator. PXIE is being constructed at the CMTF building, inside of a 150-foot-long concrete shielding cave.

Over the past year, workers have assembled the cave using shield blocks and have put into place the infrastructure required to operate the ion source. This includes electrical racks, cable trays, a power distribution system, high-voltage power supplies and a water-cooling system. The ion source, which can deliver up to 15 mA (H- ions) at 30 kV, was purchased from D-Pace Inc. in Canada and extensively tested at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, one of the PXIE collaboration partners. This spring, it was brought to Fermilab for installation at CMTF and is expected to be ready for commissioning in early December.