Accelerator update, Nov. 11

Proton Source
AD personnel performed maintenance and tuning studies as needed.

Booster Neutrino Beamline
AD personnel worked on beam tuning, changed modes and began delivering beam through the Booster Neutrino Beamline to the MiniBooNE experiment.

Main Injector/NuMI
Between Nov. 4 and 11, the Main Injector provided 122 hours of proton beam to the NuMI target for the production of neutrinos for MINERvA, MINOS and NOvA. The machine delivered an integrated intensity of 5.84 x 1018 protons on target.

AD personnel located a cotton wipe in the 308 section of the Recycler beam pipe. After removing it, they began the Recycler commissioning process.

AD personnel worked on extraction and beamline tuning.

Fixed-target area: Test Beam Facility
AD and ESH&Q personnel worked on foil calibrations to verify intensity monitor readings. Beam tuning for the experiments in the Fermilab Test Beam Facility continued as usual.

Fixed-target area: SeaQuest
Experts continued vacuum leak checks and beamline cleanup in preparation for the startup of the SeaQuest experiment at the end of the week. On Friday, Nov. 8, SeaQuest saw first beam, and tuneup commenced over the weekend. Experts also began investigating a problem with the segmented wire ion chamber in enclosure NM1 and ended up removing it for repair.

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