Accelerator update, Nov. 4

Proton Source
AD personnel worked on a Linac ESS ground fault and fixed an arcing problem in the BRF19 high-voltage junction box.

Main Injector/NuMI
Between Oct. 28 and Nov. 4, the Main Injector provided 122 hours of proton beam to the NuMI target for the production of neutrinos for MINERvA, MINOS and NOvA. The machine delivered an integrated intensity of 5.97 x 1018 protons on target.

AD personnel, with assistance from the alignment group, continued to work on understanding and correcting the Recycler aperture restrictions.

AD personnel worked on extraction and beamline tuning.

Fixed-target area: Test Beam Facility
AD personnel worked on tuning beam for the experiments in the Fermilab Test Beam Facility.

Fixed-target area: SeaQuest
Experts conducted NM1 polarity checks and continued vacuum leak checks in preparation for the startup of the SeaQuest experiment.

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