CMS Center news

Patricia McBride

Patricia McBride, head of the CMS Center, wrote this column.

The LHC is in the middle of a long shutdown period, and the CMS collaboration is busy preparing for the next run, which starts in 2015, while planning for detector upgrades during future long shutdowns. This week CMS scientists gathered at CERN to discuss plans and proposals for an upgrade to the CMS tracker for the high-luminosity LHC era. Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer plans to visit the CMS detector this Thursday and will have a chance to meet with Fermilab staff working at CERN.

The Fermilab CMS Center and LHC Physics Center have been a hub of activity over the past few weeks. Last week, the LPC hosted at Fermilab a workshop on “SUSY at the Near Energy Frontier.” The workshop brought together more than 80 SUSY experts from the LHC and theory community. They reviewed the status of searches for supersymmetry and discussed ways to maximize the SUSY discovery potential of the LHC run that will start in 2015. Seema Sharma, a Fermilab CMS Center research associate and an LPC Fellow, led the organizing committee with assistance from LPC colleagues and the Fermilab conference office.

The LPC members also helped with the CMS Data Analysis School at the Sata Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) in Kolkata, India, from Nov. 7-11. This popular school for CMS collaborators new to data analysis was first organized at Fermilab several years ago and is now held several times a year at various locations around the world, including Fermilab. A number of LPC fellows served as facilitators for the school. The Kolkata Data Analysis School team was led by Sudhir Malik, who is a Fermilab guest scientist at the LPC from the University of Nebraska, and former Fermilab scientist Sunanda Banerjee, a division director at SINP. The next CMS DAS at Fermilab will be held from Jan. 7-11.